Ganfunkel has four albums out that you can buy at any music store:  Machine Coincident Jazz, Fighting Music with Music, The Outlaw Edward Snowden Vol. 1, and Happnesis 

...It has been some years since I've been truly inspired by a new voice that cuts across the jazz scene to achieve true originality...On Machine Coincident Jazz I discovered fresh and funky riffs, lively percussion both unpredictable and in-the-groove, with just the right amount of electric...  Madi Das, 2015 Grammy nominee

Here is a recent comment on the song "The Moscow Hustle":

...I love it...you made a lot of great decisions...you should be really proud of this song....Taylor Eigsti, pianist and composer, 2006 Grammy nominee

Here are some recent comments sent in for the song "Stars Fell on Daniel":

... Rik's piece aptly expresses the grief that we feel when someone we were close to takes his or her own life.  It also shows how music can be a tool for healing that grief...I enjoyed hearing this piece....Brad Mehldau, pianist and composer, 2014 Grammy nominee

... Just gave Stars Fell on Daniel a listen, it is a great track.  You are very talented my friend...Nitya Nadesan, DJ at SOMA FM

Listen to the song HELLSCRAPER here!

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