On Composition

Writer's Block:  There is No Such Thing!  There is only the illusion that composition is easy. It is not.  Composition is arduous.  Because writing a song is the most intentional thing you can do, not the most accidental, though lucky accidents do happen.

The Rules of Music Are Not Meant to Be Broken.  That's because they are not rules: rather, they are insights into what has happened at the many hands of genius.

Each Great Song Engenders Possibility More Than It Passes Time.  That's why a true composer despises background music or anything like it.  I make an exception for alpha and theta wave inducing music.

The Challenges You Face As A Composer Are Not Punishment But It Will Take Some Self-Sacrifice to Meet Them.

Individuation is a Lonely Process.  The herd does not warmly receive the deviant. This may seem like persecution but is actually self-sacrifice.

You Only Have So Much Willpower.  Have just one problem today and give your complete attention to it

We Don't Automatically Know Why We Love or Hate Sounds.  Trust your feelings.  Many people know they like Mona Lisa's smile but can't say why. Your music may be Mona Lisa's smile, even to you.

It is Entirely Human to Forget What is Obvious.  Don't beat yourself up after others give you feedback.

The Human Soul Needs To Show Up. Music production requires increasing technical literacy.  And this tempts the belief that weakness in a song is incompetence in music technology. Often what's missing is soulfulness. Ask yourself what Stevie Wonder would do, not what Elon Musk would do.

Take Breaks.  If nothing you do improves a song, put it away for 6 weeks. Trust your power to incubate. 

The Muses Are Mostly Indifferent to Us.  We bore them and generally disappoint them until we don't.  Have the record button ready when they look your way.

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