Who performs on the recordings?

Personnel on the Ganfunkel albums have toured or recorded with the Kronos Quartet, John McLaughlin, Terry Riley, Esperanza Spalding, Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, and many other notable musicians.  And I am fortunate to have them join me.

A special thanks is offered to Kai Eckhardt, Salar Nader, Dana Hawkins, Sean Rickman, George Brooks, and Eric Oberthaler [eO] for bringing the music alive.  Thanks to Taylor Eigsti for advice on composition and arranging. Taylor is one of the most talented and kindest human beings alive and I highly recommend you check out his music.  Thanks also to Brad Mehldau for giving very encouraging feedback on my songs.  

Eric Oberthaler [eO] does extendeding digital orchestration, additional arranging, mix engineering, and mastering for Ganfunkel.  Eric is a great composer and you should check out his music if you want to know what mind-expanding means in 2018.

A heartfelt thanks is offered to Leigh McCloskey, a supremely talented artist who kindly licensed an image from his Winter Codex to grace the cover of Fighting Music with Music.  Leigh is a profound artist and unconscious savant.  I highly recommend that you explore his artwork and teachings at the link below.

An additional thanks for Felix the Third for his artwork on The Outlaw and Happnesis

All the original tunes on Ganfunkel albums are written and arranged by Rik Ganju.  Heart Shaped Box was written by Kurt Cobain.  Rik studied music at McGill University in Montreal where he noticed that classmate Rufus Wainwright might end up a half-decent composer one day. 

Check out these links to hear my music or read about the musicians who have helped me.  Another way to hear Ganfunkel is to make a station on Pandora:


Big Basin video

Big Basin video (youtube)




The art of Leigh McCloskey

The art of Felix the Third

Eric Oberthaler

Taylor Eigsti

Ganfunkel on SoundCloud

Some interesting music from Jarrod Barker

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